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Navy Food Recipes Cookbook

     The Army Cookbook Military Cook Book CoastGuard Cooking Recipes Navy Cookbooks Air Force Cooking Books Coast Guard Recipe All Services Prepare From This Approved Library ....

Armed Services Food Recipes Item 104D
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Military Recipes    Page 5 of 10
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Cherry crumble pie

Chocolate cream pie

Chocolate cream pie (dessert powder, instant)

Chocolate and vanilla cream pie (instant)

Fried apple pie

Fried lemon pie

Fried cherry pie

Fried peach pie

Fried blueberry pie

Pecan pie

Walnut pie

Lemon chiffon pie

Pineapple chiffon pie

Strawberry chiffon pie

Lemon meringue pie

Lemon meringue pie (pie filling prepared)

Fruit turnovers

Fruit dumplings

Key lime pie

Pies, frozen

Elephant ears (frozen puff pastry)

Making one-crust pies

Making two-crust pies

Directions for making turnovers

Directions for making dumplings

Index of recipes Armed Forces recipe service

Apple crisp (pie filling & cookie mix)

Vanilla soft serve ice cream (dehy)

Chocolate soft serve ice cream (dehy)

Chocolate milk shake (dehy mix)

Strawberry soft serve ice cream (dehy)

Vanilla milk shake (dehy mix)

Baked apples

Baked apples with raisin nut filling

Vanilla soft serve ice cream (liquid mix)

Strawberry soft serve ice cream (liquid mix)

Vanilla milk shake (liquid mix)

Chocolate milk shake (liquid mix)

Chocolate soft serve ice cream (liquid mix)

Fluffy fruit cup

Yogurt fruit cup

Fruit cup


Banana fruit cup

Melon fruit cup

Strawberry fruit cup

Fruit cocktail fruit cup

Spiced fruit cup

Mandarin orange and pineapple fruit cup

Fruit gelatin

Banana gelatin

Fruit flavored gelatin

Fruit gelatin (crushed ice method)

Strawberry gelatin

Peach gelatin

Peach crisp

Cherry crisp (pie filling cookie mix)

Cherry crisp

Peach crisp (pie filling cookie mix)

Blueberry crisp (pie filling cookie mix)

Apple crunch (apple pie filling)

Blueberry crunch (blueberry pie filling)

Cherry crunch (cherry pie filling)

Peach crunch (peach pie filling)

Banana split

Vanilla soft serve yogurt (dehydrated)

Chocolate soft serve yogurt (dehydrated)

Tapioca pudding

Vanilla cream pudding (instant)

Banana cream pudding (instant)

Coconut cream pudding (instant)

Pineapple cream pudding (instant)

Butterscotch cream pudding (instant)

Chocolate cream pudding (instant)

Baked rice pudding

Baked rice pudding (frozen eggs and egg whites)

Bread pudding

Chocolate chip bread pudding

Coconut bread pudding

Cream puffs


Vanilla cream pudding

Chocolate cream pudding

Creamy rice pudding

Fluffy pineapple rice cup

Breakfast bread pudding

Baked cinnamon apple slices

Baked apples with raisin coconut filling

Bread pudding with hard sauce

Baked bananas

Whipped cream

Whipped topping (dehydrated)

Whipped topping (frozen)

Rum sauce

Cherry sauce

Chocolate sauce

Chocolate coconut sauce

Chocolate marshmallow sauce

Chocolate nut sauce

Chocolate mint sauce

Cherry jubilee sauce

Strawberry glaze topping

Grilled or oven fried bacon (precooked bacon)

Oven fried bacon

Grilled bacon

Grilled or oven fried Canadian bacon

Chicken enchiladas (canned chicken)

Chicken enchiladas (cooked diced)

Roast rib of beef

Steamship round of beef (round, bone-in)

Steamship round of beef (round, boneless)

Roast rib of beef (boneless rib eye roll)

Roast beef

Roast beef (precooked)


Grilled steak

Grilled tenderloin steak

Teriyaki steak

Spinach lasagna

Beef pot roast

Ginger pot roast

Yankee pot roast

Simmered beef

Country style steak

Pepper steak

Veal parmesan

Oriental pepper steak

Ground beef cordon bleu

Steak smothered with onions

Steak strips smothered with onions

Swiss steak with tomato sauce

Swiss steak with brown gravy

Swiss steak with tomato soup

Swiss steak with mushroom gravy

Braised beef and noodles

Braised beef cubes

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Navy Food Recipes Cookbook
     The Army Cookbook Military Cook Book CoastGuard Cooking Recipes Navy Cookbooks Air Force Cooking Books Coast Guard Recipe All Services Prepare From This Approved Library ....
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Shipped From The USA


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