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Marines Food Recipes Cook Book 

     Your Military Favorites Cookbook Army Recipe Cards Air Force Recipes Navy Cook Book USMC CoastGuard & Reserve Units Use This Master Library To Cook For Our Forces....

Armed Services Food Recipes Item 104D
  PDF Manual Set
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Marines Food Recipes Cook Book

Index of recipes Armed Forces recipe service

A. general information index

Information for standardized recipes

Definition of terms used in food preparation

Measuring procedure

Table of measuring equivalents

Weights and measures for can sizes

Table of conversion factors for converting "edible portion" weights of foods to "as purchased" weights of foods vegetables

Table of conversion factors for converting "edible portion" weights of foods to "as purchased" weights of foods fruits

Table of egg equivalents

Guidelines for container yields for canned fruits

Nonfat dry milk reconstitution chart for cooking

Guidelines for use of dehydrated onions, green peppers, and parsley

Reconstituting soup and gravy bases

Guidelines for fruit bars

Guidelines for use of microwave ovens

Conversion of quantities in recipes weight conversion chart

Conversion of quantities in recipes measure conversion chart

Use of dehydrated garlic and horseradish

Guidelines for use of flours

Guidelines for handling frozen foods

Guidelines for use of antibrowning agent (non sulfiting agents)

Guidelines for use of steam cookers

Guidelines for garnishes

Guidelines for convection ovens

Guidelines for use of tilting fry pans

Guidelines for capacities of steam table and baking and roasting pans

Guidelines for calories

Guidelines for metric conversion

Guidelines for cheeses

Guidelines for using eggs

Guidelines for using herbs

Guidelines for preparing fresh vegetables and fruits

Hazard analysis critical control point (haccp)

Cranberry and orange juice cocktail

Cranberry and apple juice cocktail

Chinese egg rolls (baked)

Chinese egg rolls (fried)

Philippine style egg rolls (baked)

Philippine style egg rolls (fried)

Tomato juice cocktail

Vegetable juice cocktail

Spicy tomato juice cocktail

Shrimp cocktail

Spiced shrimp

Pizza treats

Hot cocoa

Hot whipped cocoa

Coffee instant)

Coffee automatic coffee maker)

Hot tea

Coffee automatic urn)

Coffee Manual urn)

Fruit punch

Lime lemon punch

Orange and pineapple juice cocktail

Grapefruit and pineapple juice cocktail



Iced tea instant)

Iced tea instant for dispenser)

Iced tea instant with/lemon and sugar for dispenser)


Guidelines for brewing coffee

Guidelines for fruit and vegetable juices

Guidelines for use of powdered beverage bases (fruit flavored)

Baking powder biscuits

Baking powder biscuits (biscuit mix)

Cheese biscuits

Drop biscuits

Irish soda bread

Submarine rolls (hoagie, torpedo)

Submarine rolls (roll mix)

French bread

Raisin bread

Toasted garlic bread

Toasted parmesan bread

Texas toast

White bread

White bread (short-time formula)

Pumpkin bread

Crumb cake snicker doodle

Crumb cake snicker doodle (ck mix, yellow)


Corn bread

Corn muffins

Hush puppies

Jalapeno corn bread

Corn bread (corn bread mix)

Corn muffins (corn bread mix)

Hush puppies (corn bread mix)

Jalapeno corn bread (corn bread mix)


Garlic croutons

Parmesan croutons

Egg wash

Egg white wash

Cake doughnuts homemade)

Sugar coated doughnuts

Cake doughnuts (doughnut mix)

Chocolate doughnuts

Cinnamon sugar doughnuts

Glazed nut doughnuts

Glazed coconut doughnuts

Glazed doughnuts

Raised doughnuts

Beignets (new Orleans doughnuts)

Raised doughnuts (sweet dough mix)




English muffins

Cinnamon raisin English muffins

French toast

French toast (thick slice)

English muffin French toast

French toast (frozen eggs and egg whites)

French toast puff

Apple fritters


Buttermilk pancakes (dry buttermilk)

Blueberry pancakes

Buttermilk pancakes (pancake mix)

Pancakes (pancake mix)

Waffles, frozen (brown and serve)

Waffles (pancake mix)


Whole wheat pancakes

Pancakes (frozen eggs and egg whites)

Pancakes (egg substitute)

Hot cross buns


Kolaches (sweet dough mix)

Bran muffins

Raisin bran muffins

Blueberry bran muffins

Banana bran muffins

Apricot bran muffins

Cranberry bran muffins


Blueberry muffins

Raisin muffins

Banana muffins

Apple muffins

Cinnamon crumb top muffins

Cranberry muffins

Date muffins

Nut muffins

Oatmeal raisin muffins

Banana bread

Hard rolls

Hot rolls

Hot rolls (brown and serve)

Hot rolls (roll mix)

Oatmeal rolls

Cloverleaf or twin rolls

Frankfurter rolls

Hamburger rolls

Pan, cluster, or pull apart rolls

Parker house rolls

Poppy seed rolls

Sesame seed rolls

Hot rolls (short-time formula)

Brown and serve rolls (short-time formula)

Whole wheat rolls (short-time formula)

Onion rolls

Onion rolls (roll mix)

Sweet dough

Sweet dough (sweet dough mix)

Glazed rolls

Pecan rolls

Cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon nut rolls

Cinnamon raisin rolls

Butterfly rolls

Sugar rolls

Streusel coffee cake

Small coffee cake

Twist coffee cake

Bear claws


Bowknots, figure 8's, and s shapes

Cinnamon twists



Quick coffee cake (biscuit mix)

Quick apple coffee cake (biscuit mix)

Quick French coffee cake (biscuit mix)

Quick cherry coffee cake (biscuit mix)

Quick orange-coconut coffee cake (biscuit mix)

Quick coffee cake

Tempura batter

Danish diamonds (Danish pastry dough)

Bear claws (Danish pastry dough)

Fruit turnovers (frozen puff pastry dough)

Fruit puffs (frozen puff pastry dough)

Cornstarch wash

Cherry filling (cornstarch)

Cherry filling (pie filling, prepared)

Apple filling (pie filling, prepared)

Blueberry filling (pie filling, prepared)

Raspberry filling (prepared bakery)

Cinnamon sugar filling

Cinnamon sugar nut filling

Cinnamon sugar raisin filling

Nut filling

Oat bran raisin muffins

Syrup glaze

Vanilla glaze

Almond glaze

Rum glaze

Pineapple filling (cornstarch)

Orange-coconut topping

Streusel topping

Pecan topping

Maple syrup

Frying batter

Oatmeal bread

Applesauce muffins

Applesauce raisin muffins

Applesauce orange muffins

Pineapple carrot muffins

Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread (whole wheat flour short TM  form)

Apple coffee cake

Oven baked French toast

Whole wheat rolls

Oats and fruit breakfast squares

Pumpkin patch muffins

Date nut bread

Applesauce cinnamon crumb top muffin

Applesauce blueberry muffins

Cran-apple muffins

Bread loaves (frozen dough)

Dill rolls (frozen dough)

Garlic herb rolls (frozen dough)

Hush puppies, frozen

Dinner rolls (frozen dough)

Potato rolls (frozen dough)

Whole wheat rolls (frozen dough)

Oat rolls (frozen dough)

Sesame or caraway rolls (frozen dough)

Bran muffins (white cake mix)

Banana nut muffins (white cake mix)

Honey cinnamon muffins (white cake mix)

Blueberry muffins (white cake mix)

French toast, frozen

Pancakes, buttermilk, frozen

Muffins, frozen, batter

Muffins, frozen

Recipe conversion

Guidelines for preparation of yeast dough's

Retarded sweet dough methods

Characteristics of good quality bread products and rolls

Characteristics of poor quality bread products and rolls

Guide for hot roll make-up

Guide for sweet dough make-up

Hot oatmeal

Hot farina

Hominy grits

Fried hominy grits

Buttered hominy

Fried hominy

Boiled pasta

Buttered pasta

Steamed rice

Lyonnaise rice

Tossed green rice

Long grain and wild rice

Rice with parmesan cheese

Steamed brown rice

Steamed rice (steam cooker method)

Pork fried rice

Filipino rice

Shrimp fried rice

Rice pilaf

Orange rice

Spanish rice

Red beans with rice

Hopping john (black-eye peas with rice)

Mexican rice

Noodles Jefferson

Steamed pasta

Spring garden rice

Sicilian brown rice and vegetables

Islander's rice

Mediterranean brown rice

Spicy brown rice pilaf

Brown rice with tomatoes

Ginger rice

Nutty rice and cheese

Orzo with lemon and herbs

Orzo, with spinach, tomato, and onion

Southwestern rice

Pasta Provencal

Oriental rice

Wild rice

Aztec rice

Mexican rice (fiesta mix)

Rice pilaf, using mix

Georgia rice

Dirty rice

Baked macaroni and cheese


Nachos (rtu cheese sauce)

Eggs au gratin (scotch woodcock)

Cooked eggs

Deviled eggs

Egg foo young

Griddle fried eggs

Plain omelet

Plain omelet (frozen eggs and egg whites)

Cheese omelet

Green pepper omelet

Ham omelet

Ham and cheese omelet

Mushroom omelet

Onion omelet

Western omelet

Tomato omelet

Spanish omelet

Poached eggs

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs and cheese

Scrambled eggs and ham

Scrambled eggs (dehydrated egg mix)

Scrambled eggs (frozen eggs and egg whites)

Mushroom quiche

Broccoli quiche

Broccoli quiche (frozen eggs and egg whites)

Mushroom quiche (frozen eggs and egg whites)

Breakfast burrito

Breakfast pita

Veggie egg pocket

Monterey egg bake

Breakfast pizza

Mexican breakfast pizza

Italian breakfast pizza

Macaroni and cheese, frozen

Breakfast burrito, frozen

Applesauce cake

Chocolate macaroon cake (cake mix)

Chocolate chip fudge frosting

Vanilla frosting (icing mix, vanilla, powdered)

Orange frosting (icing mix, vanilla, powdered)

Banana cake (cake mix)

Banana cake (banana cake mix)

Decorator's frosting

Florida lemon cake

Chocolate frosting (icing mix, chocolate powdered)

Choc chip frosting (icing mix, chocolate powdered)

Choc coconut frosting (icing mix, chocolate powdered)

Mocha cream frosting (icing mix, chocolate powdered)

Yellow cake (mix)

Almond cake (yellow mix)

Black walnut cake (yellow mix)

Lemon cake (yellow mix)

Maple nut cake (yellow mix)

Marble cake (mix)

Orange cake (yellow mix)

Easy chocolate cake

Devil's food cake

Devil's food cake (cake mix)

German chocolate cake (mix)

Carrot cake (cake mix)

Peanut butter cream frosting

Chocolate fudge frosting

Strawberry shortcake (biscuit mix)

Strawberry shortcake (cake mix)


Gingerbread (gingerbread cake mix)

Caramel frosting

Brown sugar frosting

Peanut butter crumb cake

Peanut butter cake

Pound cake

Almond pound cake (pound cake mix)

Velvet pound cake (yellow cake mix)

Lemon pound cake (pound cake mix)

Butter cream frosting

Orange butter cream frosting

Chocolate butter cream frosting

Coconut butter cream frosting

Lemon butter cream frosting

Maple butter cream frosting

Mocha butter cream frosting

Easy vanilla cake

Chocolate glaze frosting

Spice cake

Spice cake (yellow cake mix)

Cheese cake

Cheese cake (mix)

Cheese cake with fruit topping

Cheese cake mix with fruit topping

Cheese cake with sour cream topping

Cheese cake with strawberries

Cream cheese frosting

Strawberry cake (cake mix)

Pineapple upside down cake

Pineapple upside down cake (mix)

Fruit cocktail upside down cake (mix)

Fruit cocktail upside down cake

White cake

White cake (white cake mix)

Lemon filled cake (white cake mix)

Raspberry filled cake (white cake mix)

Strawberry filled cake (white cake mix)

Coconut pecan frosting

Yellow cake

Banana-filled layer cake

Boston cream pie

Marble cake

Coconut cake

Dutch apple cake

Filled cake (Washington pie)

Yellow cake (crumbs)

Jelly roll

Yellow cupcakes mix

Chocolate cupcakes mix

Spice cake cupcakes mix

Gingerbread cupcakes mix

Vanilla cupcakes

Choco-lite cake

Lite cheese cake

Guidelines for successful cake baking

Batter cakes

Guidelines for using cake mixes

Guidelines for scaling cake batter

Guidelines for cutting cakes

Guidelines for preparing frostings and frosting cakes

High altitude baking

Apple cake brownies

Apple cake brownies (gingerbread cake mix)


Brownies (chocolate brownie mix)

Peanut butter brownies

Butterscotch brownies

Chewy nut bars

Congo bars

Shortbread cookies

Crisp toffee bars

Oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Oatmeal nut cookies

Gingerbread cookies (mix)

Oatmeal cookies (oatmeal cookie mix)

Oatmeal raisin bars (oatmeal cookie mix)

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (oatmeal cookie mix)

Oatmeal raisin cookies (oatmeal cookie mix)

Spiced oatmeal nut cookies (oatmeal cookie mix)

Crisp chocolate cookies

Chocolate cookies (chocolate cookie mix)

Double chocolate chip bars (chocolate cookie mix)

Double chocolate chip cookies (choc cookie mix)

Peanut butter cookies

Peanut butter cookies (sugar cookie mix)

Peanut butter bars (sugar cookie mix)

Chocolate drop cookies

Chocolate drop cookies (chocolate brownie mix)

Sugar cookies

Sugar cookies (sugar cookie mix)

Snicker doodle cookies

Snicker doodle cookies (sugar cookie mix)

Coconut raisin drop cookies

Crisp drop cookies

Coconut cereal cookies


Raisin nut bars

Ginger raisin bars (oatmeal cookie & gingerbread mix)

Ginger molasses cookies (sugar cookie mix)

Ginger molasses bars (sugar cookie mix)

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies (sugar cookie mix)

Chocolate chip bars (sugar cookie mix)

Lemon cookies

Almond cookies

Orange cookies

Vanilla cookies

Fudgy brownies

Crispy marshmallow squares

Banana split brownies

Abracadabra bars

Cookies, frozen, oatmeal raisin

Cookies, frozen, snickerdoodle

Cookies, frozen, chocolate chip

General information regarding cookies

Pie crust

Pie crust (dough rolling machine)

Pie crust (Manual mixing method)

Graham cracker crust

Graham cracker crust (preformed crust)

Mincemeat pie

Egg and milk wash

Egg and water wash

Milk and water wash


Meringue (dehydrated)

Vanilla cream pie

Banana cream pie

Vanilla cream pie (dessert powder, instant)

Strawberry glazed cream pie (instant)

Coconut cream pie (instant)

Pineapple cream pie (instant)

Dutch apple pie (canned apples-cornstarch)

French apple pie (canned apples-cornstarch)

Apple pie (canned apples-cornstarch)

Apple pie (prepared pie filling)

Dutch apple pie (prepared pie filling)

Apple cobbler

Peach cobbler

Blueberry cobbler

Cherry cobbler

Streusel-topped apple cobbler

Chocolate mousse pie

Sweet potato pie

Pumpkin pie

Pineapple pie (canned pineapple-cornstarch)

Berry pie (frozen berries-cornstarch)

Blueberry pie (frozen blueberries)

Blueberry pie (canned blueberries-cornstarch)

Blueberry pie (prepared filling)

Butterscotch cream pie (dessert powder, instant)

Peach pie (frozen peaches-cornstarch)

Cherry pie (canned cherries-cornstarch)

Cherry pie (pie filling, prepared)

Peach pie (canned peaches-cornstarch)

Peach pie (prepared pie filling)

Creamy coconut pie

Creamy banana coconut pie

Ambrosia pie

Cherry crumble pie

Chocolate cream pie

Chocolate cream pie (dessert powder, instant)

Chocolate and vanilla cream pie (instant)

Fried apple pie

Fried lemon pie

Fried cherry pie

Fried peach pie

Fried blueberry pie

Pecan pie

Walnut pie

Lemon chiffon pie

Pineapple chiffon pie

Strawberry chiffon pie

Lemon meringue pie

Lemon meringue pie (pie filling prepared)

Fruit turnovers

Fruit dumplings

Key lime pie

Pies, frozen

Elephant ears (frozen puff pastry)

Making one-crust pies

Making two-crust pies

Directions for making turnovers

Directions for making dumplings

Index of recipes Armed Forces recipe service

Apple crisp (pie filling & cookie mix)

Vanilla soft serve ice cream (dehy)

Chocolate soft serve ice cream (dehy)

Chocolate milk shake (dehy mix)

Strawberry soft serve ice cream (dehy)

Vanilla milk shake (dehy mix)

Baked apples

Baked apples with raisin nut filling

Vanilla soft serve ice cream (liquid mix)

Strawberry soft serve ice cream (liquid mix)

Vanilla milk shake (liquid mix)

Chocolate milk shake (liquid mix)

Chocolate soft serve ice cream (liquid mix)

Fluffy fruit cup

Yogurt fruit cup

Fruit cup


Banana fruit cup

Melon fruit cup

Strawberry fruit cup

Fruit cocktail fruit cup

Spiced fruit cup

Mandarin orange and pineapple fruit cup

Fruit gelatin

Banana gelatin

Fruit flavored gelatin

Fruit gelatin (crushed ice method)

Strawberry gelatin

Peach gelatin

Peach crisp

Cherry crisp (pie filling cookie mix)

Cherry crisp

Peach crisp (pie filling cookie mix)

Blueberry crisp (pie filling cookie mix)

Apple crunch (apple pie filling)

Blueberry crunch (blueberry pie filling)

Cherry crunch (cherry pie filling)

Peach crunch (peach pie filling)

Banana split

Vanilla soft serve yogurt (dehydrated)

Chocolate soft serve yogurt (dehydrated)

Tapioca pudding

Vanilla cream pudding (instant)

Banana cream pudding (instant)

Coconut cream pudding (instant)

Pineapple cream pudding (instant)

Butterscotch cream pudding (instant)

Chocolate cream pudding (instant)

Baked rice pudding

Baked rice pudding (frozen eggs and egg whites)

Bread pudding

Chocolate chip bread pudding

Coconut bread pudding

Cream puffs


Vanilla cream pudding

Chocolate cream pudding

Creamy rice pudding

Fluffy pineapple rice cup

Breakfast bread pudding

Baked cinnamon apple slices

Baked apples with raisin coconut filling

Bread pudding with hard sauce

Baked bananas

Whipped cream

Whipped topping (dehydrated)

Whipped topping (frozen)

Rum sauce

Cherry sauce

Chocolate sauce

Chocolate coconut sauce

Chocolate marshmallow sauce

Chocolate nut sauce

Chocolate mint sauce

Cherry jubilee sauce

Strawberry glaze topping

Grilled or oven fried bacon (precooked bacon)

Oven fried bacon

Grilled bacon

Grilled or oven fried Canadian bacon

Chicken enchiladas (canned chicken)

Chicken enchiladas (cooked diced)

Roast rib of beef

Steamship round of beef (round, bone-in)

Steamship round of beef (round, boneless)

Roast rib of beef (boneless ribeye roll)

Roast beef

Roast beef (precooked)


Grilled steak

Grilled tenderloin steak

Teriyaki steak

Spinach lasagna

Beef pot roast

Ginger pot roast

Yankee pot roast

Simmered beef

Country style steak

Pepper steak

Veal parmesan

Oriental pepper steak

Ground beef cordon bleu

Steak smothered with onions

Steak strips smothered with onions

Swiss steak with tomato sauce

Swiss steak with brown gravy

Swiss steak with tomato soup

Swiss steak with mushroom gravy

Braised beef and noodles

Braised beef cubes

Barbecued beef cubes

Barbecued beef cubes (canned beef)

Stuffed flounder Creole

Beef and corn pie

Turkey corn pie

Beef pot pie with biscuit topping

Beef pot pie with pie crust topping

Beef stew

Beef stew (canned)

El rancho stew

Caribbean chicken breast (breast boneless)

Stuffed cabbage rolls

Stuffed cabbage rolls (tomato soup)

Stuffed cabbage rolls (ground turkey)


Lasagna (ground turkey)

Lasagna (frozen)

Lasagna (canned pizza sauce)

Baked breaded clam strips

French fried breaded clam strips

Beef balls stroganoff

Turkey balls stroganoff

Chili con carne

Chili macaroni

Chili con carne (ground turkey)

Chili macaroni (ground turkey)

Beef porcupines

Turkey porcupines

Creamed ground beef

Creamed ground turkey

Beef ravioli (frozen)

Cheese ravioli (frozen)

Beef ravioli (canned in tomato sauce)

Parmesan fish

Roast beef hash

Roast beef hash (canned)

Roast beef hash (canned beef chunks)

Tacos (ground beef)

Tacos (ground turkey)

Meat loaf

Turkey loaf

Tomato meat loaf

Cajun meat loaf

Minced beef

Salisbury steak

Grilled hamburger steak

Spaghetti with meat sauce (ground turkey)

Spaghetti with meat sauce (ground beef)

Spaghetti with meat sauce, rtu (ground turkey)

Spaghetti with meat sauce, rtu (ground beef)

Spaghetti with meatballs (ground turkey)

Spaghetti with meatballs (ground beef)

Stuffed green peppers (ground beef)

Stuffed green peppers (frozen)

Stuffed green peppers (ground turkey)

Swedish meatballs (ground beef)

Swedish meatballs (ground turkey)

Chili conquistador (ground beef)

Chili conquistador (ground turkey)

Beef fajitas (fajita strips)

Chicken fajitas (fajita strips)

Turkey fajitas

Turkey curry

Stuffed beef rolls

Beef brogue

Beef and bean tostadas

Beef pie with biscuit topping (canned beef)

Baked chicken and rice (cooked dice)

Baked chicken and rice (canned chicken)

Turkey cutlet


Chicken parmesan (precooked fillet)

Chicken parmesan (breast boneless)

Creamed chipped beef

Beef stroganoff

Beef stroganoff (cream of mushroom soup)

Hamburger stroganoff

Ground turkey stroganoff

Beef stroganoff (fajita strips)

Steak ranchero

Beef cordon bleu

Southern fried catfish fillets

Tamale pie (ground beef)

Hot tamales with chili gravy

Tamale pizza

Chili and macaroni (canned chili con carne)

Chili con carne (with beans)

Hamburger parmesan

Texas hash (ground beef)

Texas hash (ground turkey)

Yakisoba (beef and spaghetti)

Hamburger yakisoba (ground beef)

Turkey yakisoba

Enchiladas (ground beef)

Enchiladas (frozen)

Enchiladas (ground turkey)

Creole macaroni (ground beef)

Creole macaroni (ground turkey)

Hungarian goulash


Glazed ham loaf

Scalloped ham and noodles

Baked ham

Grilled ham steak

Barbecued ham steak

Barbecued ham steak (canned ham)

Baked canned ham

Baked ham steak (canned ham)

Grilled ham steak (canned ham)

Grilled ham slice (canned ham)

Baked ham, macaroni, and tomatoes (canned ham)

Baked luncheon meat, macaroni, and cheese

Baked ham, macaroni and tomatoes (canned chunks)

Scalloped ham and potatoes (canned ham)

Chilies rellenos

Broccoli, cheese, and rice

Beef manicotti (cannelloni)

Cheese manicotti

Savory roast lamb

Chicken adobo (8 pc)

Sweet and sour pork chops

Sweet and sour chicken (8 pc)

Sweet and sour chicken (cooked diced)

Pork chop suey

Shrimp chop suey

Roast pork

Roast pork tenderloin

Barbecued pork loin

Sweet and sour pork

Creole pork chops

Barbecued pork chops

Baked stuffed pork chops

Pork chops with apple rings

Braised pork chops

Grilled pork chops

Pork chops with mushroom gravy

Creole pork steaks (frozen breaded pork steaks)

Breaded pork steaks (frozen)

Pork schnitzel (frozen breaded pork steaks)

Pork chops mexicana

Grilled polish sausage

Baked Italian sausage (hot or sweet)

Grilled frankfurters

Grilled bratwurst

Simmered knockwurst

Grilled sausage patties

Grilled sausage patties (preformed)

Grilled sausage links (cooked pork and beef)

Barbecued spareribs

Braised spareribs

Spareribs and sauerkraut

Sweet and sour spareribs

Cantonese spareribs

Roast fresh ham

Shrimp jambalaya

Pork adobo

Simmered pork hocks (ham hocks)

Italian style veal steaks

Veal paprika steak

Veal parmesan

Veal steak

Jaeger schnitzel

Veal cubes parmesan

Roast veal

Roast veal with herbs

Braised liver with onions

Grilled liver

Breaded liver

Breaded liver with onion and mushroom gravy

Oven fried chicken fillets (3 oz)

Fried chicken fillets (3 oz)

Oven fried chicken fillets (5 oz)

Fried chicken fillets (5 oz)

Oven fried chicken fillet nuggets

Fried chicken fillet nuggets

Corned beef hash

Corned beef hash (canned)

New England boiled dinner

New England boiled dinner (precooked frozen beef)

Simmered corned beef

Apple glazed corned beef

Baked corned beef (precooked frozen)

Baked frankfurters with sauerkraut

Baked knockwurst with sauerkraut

Teriyaki chicken (8 pc)

Teriyaki chicken (thighs)

Spicy baked fish

Macaroni tuna salad

Chicken rotini salad (canned chicken)

Chicken rotini salad (cooked diced)

Grilled luncheon meat

Baked fish

Baked fish with garlic butter

Onion-lemon baked fish

Lemon baked fish

Herbed baked fish

Mustard-dill baked fish

Fish amandine

Cajun baked fish

Baked stuffed fish

Shrimp scampi

Pan fried fish

Tempura fish

Deep fat fried fish

Oven fried fish

Baked fish portions

Baked fish portions (batter dipped)

French fried fish portions

French fried fish portions (batter dip)

Fish and chips

Baked fish nuggets

French fried fish nuggets

Chipper fish

Fried oysters

Fried oysters (breaded, frozen)

Boiled lobster, whole

Boiled lobster tail, frozen

Boiled crab legs, Alaskan king, frozen

Boiled shrimp, frozen

Salmon cakes

Salmon loaf

Scalloped salmon and peas

Chopstick tuna

Tuna salad

Salmon salad (canned salmon)

Baked tuna and noodles

Baked tuna and noodles (cream of mushroom soup)

Fried scallops

Creole scallops

Creole fish

Creole fish fillets

Creole shrimp

French fried shrimp

Tempura shrimp

French fried shrimp (breaded, frozen)

Shrimp curry

Shrimp salad

Seafood Newburg

Crab cakes

Honey glazed rock Cornish hens

Rock Cornish hens with syrup glaze

Herbed Cornish hens

Baked chicken (8 pc)

Mexican baked chicken (8 pc)

Herbed baked chicken (8 pc)

Baked chicken (breast boneless)

Mexican baked chicken (breast boneless)

Herbed baked chicken (breast boneless)

Baked turkey and noodles

Baked chicken and noodles (canned chicken)

Baked chicken and noodles (cooked diced)

Chicken Vega (8 pc)

Barbecued chicken (8 pc)

Barbecued chicken (breast boneless)

Chicken a la king (cooked diced)

Chicken a la king (canned chicken)

Turkey a la king

Chicken cacciatore (8 pc)

Chicken cacciatore (cooked diced)

Baked chicken and gravy (8 pc)

Baked chicken with mushroom gravy (8 pc)

Baked chicken with mushroom gravy (8 pc and soup)

Turkey pot pie

Chicken pot pie (canned chicken)

Chicken pot pie (cooked diced)

Chicken salad (cooked diced)

Chicken salad (canned chicken)

Turkey salad (boneless, frozen)

Chicken tetrazzini (canned chicken)

Tuna tetrazzini (canned tuna)

Chicken tetrazzini (cooked diced)

Chicken five-spice chicken (8 pc)

Creole chicken (8 pc)

Creole chicken (cooked diced)

Fried chicken (8 pc)

Southern fried chicken (8 pc)

Fried chicken (precooked breaded, frozen for deep fat fry)

Oven baked chicken (8 pc)

Fried chicken (precooked, bread chicken, frozen for oven)

Pineapple chicken (8 pc)

Savory baked chicken (8 pc)

Savory baked chicken (thighs)

Szechwan chicken (8 pc)

Szechwan chicken (breast boneless)

Chicken chow mein (cooked diced)

Chicken chow mein (canned chicken)

Roast turkey

Roast turkey (boneless turkey)

Roast turkey with barbecue sauce

Turkey nuggets

Roast duck

Hawaiian baked duck

Roast duck with apple jelly glaze

Honey glazed duck


Pizza (thick crust)

Mushroom, green pepper and onion pizza

Hamburger pizza

Pepperoni, green pepper, and mushroom pizza

Pepperoni pizza

Pizza (roll mix)

Pork or Italian sausage pizza

French bread pizza

Sausage, green pepper, and onion pizza

Pizza (pourable pizza crust)

Pizza (12 inch frozen crust)

Chuck wagon stew (beans with beef)

Baked scallops

Baked whole trout

Baked trout fillets

Chili (without beans)

Cheese pita pizza

Mushroom, onion, and green pepper pita pizza

Beef stew (canned beef chunks)

Cheese tortellini marinara

Spinach tortellini marinara (frozen)

Cheese tortellini marinara (dehydrated)

Rice frittata

Potato frittata

Vegetable stuffed peppers

Bombay chicken (8 pc)

Bombay chicken (breast boneless)

Tropical chicken salad (cooked diced)

Tropical chicken salad (canned chicken)

Honey ginger chicken (breast boneless)

Turkey sausage patties

Chicken in orange sauce (breast boneless)

Fiesta chicken (fajita strips)

Buffalo chicken (8 pc)

Grilled turkey patties (ground turkey)

Caribbean catfish

Caribbean flounder

Baked yogurt chicken (breast boneless)

Hot and spicy chicken (8pc)

Turkey fingers

Italian broccoli pasta

Cranberry glazed chicken (breast boneless)

Chicken and Italian vegetable pasta (fajita strips)

Honey lemon chicken breast (breast boneless)

Cajun roast beef

Cajun roast tenderloin of beef

Tropical baked pork chops

Teriyaki beef strips

Teriyaki beef strips (fajita strips)

Southwestern sweet potatoes, black beans, and corn

Southwestern sweet potatoes, black bean, corn (cnd)

Dijon baked pork chops

Greek lemon turkey pasta

Grilled turkey sausage links

Tamale pie (turkey)

Oriental tuna patties

Vegetable curry with rice

Turkey peach pasta salad (entree)

Italian rice and beef

Bayou chicken (breast boneless)

Southwestern shrimp linguine

Pasta toscano

Seafood stew

Sante fe glazed chicken (breast boneless)

White bean chicken chili (cooked diced)

Chicken briyani (cooked diced)

Cheddar chicken and broccoli (cooked diced)

Asian barbecue turkey

Lemon n'herb turkey fillets

Turkey divan

Spicy Italian pork chops

Lime chicken soft tacos (fajita strips)

Sausage, beans and greens

Orange & rosemary honey glazed pork chops

Russian turkey stew

Pasta primavera

Fish Florentine

Jamaican rum chicken (breast boneless)

Baked fish Scandia

Thai beef salad

Vegetarian burrito

Vegetable lasagna

Tuna plate trio

Grilled turkey sausage patty (pre-made)

Oven fried turkey bacon

Mambo pork roast

White fish with mushrooms

Turkey Polynesian

Angel hair pasta, Filipino style with shrimp

Oven roasted turkey, precooked

Lasagna (frozen)

Mexican turkey pasta

Basil baked fish portions

Tuna noodle casserole, frozen

Turkey tetrazzini, frozen

Shepherd's pie

Beef stir fry

Indonesian style beef over noodles

Hot & spicy chicken wings

Mambo pork roast using precooked pork

Kielbasa with sauerkraut and apples

Tarragon chicken & rice (fajita strips)

Cajun roast beef (precooked roast beef)

Baked tandouri chicken (breast boneless)

Baked ham and spaghetti pie

Cantonese barbeque pork ribs, precooked

Herb turkey roast w/tomato gravy precooked turkey

Beef and bean burritos, frozen

Corned beef and cabbage (precooked corned beef)

Savory baked chicken (breast boneless)

Spaghetti & meat sauce (precooked ground beef)

Spaghetti & meatballs (precooked meatballs)

Baked flounder fillets with lemon pepper

Hunter style turkey stew

Beef stroganoff, frozen

Honey glazed chicken (breast boneless)

Rosemary turkey roast

Swedish meatballs (precooked meatballs)

Mexican pepper steak

St Louis style bbq pork ribs, precooked

Meatloaf (precooked)

Cajun meatloaf (precooked)

Pork tenderloin, precooked

Chicken cordon bleu

Blackened fish

Manicotti, frozen

Salisbury steak in gravy, frozen

Cabbage rolls, stuffed, frozen

Jerked roast turkey

Lemon pepper catfish

Guidelines for using oysters

Guidelines for using shrimp

Guidelines for using poultry

Guidelines for steaming shellfish

Apple, celery, and pineapple salad

Cabbage, apple, and celery salad

Cabbage, apple, and raisin salad

Spinach salad

Spinach and apple salad

Spinach and mushroom salad

Red wine vinaigrette dressing

Frijole salad

Carrot salad

Carrot and pineapple salad

Carrot, celery, and apple salad

Pimiento cheese stuffed celery

Cottage cheese stuffed celery

Peanut butter stuffed celery

Cream cheese stuffed celery

Chef's salad

Chef's salad (entree)

Cole slaw

Mexican Cole slaw

Cole slaw with creamy dressing

Cole slaw with vinegar dressing

Cabbage and carrot slaw with creamy dressing

Pineapple Cole slaw

Pineapple marshmallow Cole slaw

Vegetable slaw with creamy dressing

Honey mustard dressing

Low calorie yogurt dressing

Cottage cheese salad

Cottage cheese and peach salad

Cottage cheese and apricot salad

Cottage cheese and pear salad

Cottage cheese and pineapple salad

Cottage cheese and tomato salad

Cucumber and onion salad

Low calorie thousand island dressing

Fruit salad

Garden cottage cheese salad

Garden vegetable salad

Marinated carrots

Low calorie tangy tarragon dressing

Low calorie basil dressing

Tangy yogurt salad dressing

Jellied cranberry and orange salad

Jellied cranberry and orange salad (canned)

Jellied cranberry and pineapple salad

Jellied fruit salad

Jellied orange salad

Jellied pear salad

Jellied pineapple, pear, and banana salad

Jellied strawberry salad

Jellied banana salad

Jellied fruit cocktail salad

German Cole slaw

Taco salad

Italian style pasta salad

Cobb salad

Kidney bean salad

Fruit medley salad

Lettuce and tomato salad

Macaroni salad

Mixed fruit salad

Perfection salad

Golden glow salad

Jellied spring salad

Pickled beet and onion salad

Pasta salad

Corn relish

Potato salad

Deviled potato salad

Potato salad with vinegar dressing

Potato salad (dehydrated sliced potatoes)

Hot potato salad

Hot potato salad (dehydrated sliced potatoes)

Spring salad

Three bean salad

Pickled green bean salad

Tossed lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad

Tossed garden salad

Tossed calico garden salad

Tossed romaine, cucumber and tomato salad

Tossed red leaf lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad

Green leaf lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad

Tossed green salad

Tossed vegetable salad

Tossed calico vegetable salad

Vegetable salad

Waldorf salad

Apple, celery, and raisin salad

Cranberry orange relish


German style tomato salad

Country style tomato salad

Tomato French dressing

Vinaigrette dressing

Quick fruit dressing

Zero salad dressing

French dressing

Low calorie French dressing

Blue cheese dressing

Garlic French dressing

Tangy salad dressing

Mexican potato salad

Thousand island dressing

Creamy Italian dressing

Creamy horseradish dressing

Low calorie tomato dressing

Russian dressing

Sour cream dressing

Blue cheese and sour cream dressing

Vinegar and oil dressing

Zesty rotini pasta salad

Salsa pasta salad

Confetti rice salad

Creamy cucumber rice salad

Kiwi fruit salad

Marinated black bean salad

Broccoli salad

Salad bar

Guidelines for relish trays or salad bars

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich


Gyros (rtu)

Steak and cheese submarine

Steak, cheese and onion submarine

Steak and onion submarine

Roast beef sandwich

Roast pork sandwich

Roast turkey sandwich

Turkey croissant

Sausage and biscuit

Ham and biscuit

Grilled cheese sandwich

German style hamwich

Grilled ham and cheese sandwich

English muffin with bacon, egg and cheese

English muffin with ham, egg, and cheese

English muffin with Canadian bacon, egg, & cheese

English muffin with sausage, egg, and cheese

Chicken salad sandwich

Chicken salad sandwich (canned chicken)

Turkey salad sandwich

Corned beef sandwich

Corned beef and cheese sandwich

Egg salad sandwich

New York egg salad sandwich (egg and tomato)

Ham sandwich

Fried ham sandwich

Ham and cheese sandwich

Ham and tomato sandwich

Grilled hamburger (beef patties)

Cheeseburger (beef patties)

Cheesy bacon burger (beef patties)

Double Decker cheeseburger (beef patties)

Chiliburger (beef patties)

Deluxe hamburger (beef patties)

Pizza burger (beef patties)

Deluxe cheeseburger (beef patties)

Ham salad sandwich

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Tuna salad sandwich

Grilled tuna and cheese sandwich

Salmon salad sandwich (canned salmon)

Tuna and tomato sandwich

Cream cheese bagel

Cream cheese and tomato bagel

Cream cheese and olive bagel

Cold cut sandwich

Cold cut sandwich with cheese

Western sandwich (Denver)

Submarine sandwich

Italian style submarine

Grilled Reuben sandwich

Grilled pastrami Reuben sandwich

Baked chicken fillet sandwich (breaded)

Deep fat fried chicken fillet sandwich (breaded)

Chicken fillet and cheese sandwich (breaded)

Grilled chicken fillet sandwich (unbreaded)

Cannonball sandwich (meatball)

Hot Italian sausage sandwich

Cannonball sandwich (canned meatballs)

Hot pastrami sandwich

Barbecued beef sandwich (canned)

Barbecued beef sandwich (diced beef)

Monte Cristo sandwich

Italian veal cutlet submarine

Barbecued beef sandwich (sloppy Joe)

Barbecued pork sandwich (frozen barbecued pork)

Barbecued pork sandwich (pork butt)

Turkey barbecue sandwich

Italian pepper beef sandwich

Simmered frankfurter on roll

Simmered quarter pound frankfurter

Grilled polish sausage sandwich

Simmered knockwurst on roll

Grilled frankfurter with fried peppers and onions

Monte Carlo sandwich (open-faced turkey and ham)


Cheese fishwich

Fishwich (batter dipped)

Hot roast turkey sandwich

Corn dog

Corn dog (corn bread mix)

Hot roast beef sandwich (oven roast)

Hot roast beef sandwich (precooked roast beef)

Hot roast pork sandwich

Hot roast pork sandwich (fresh ham)

Grilled ham, egg and cheese sandwich

Grilled bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich

Grilled ham and egg sandwich

Grilled sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich

Moroccan pockets

Cheese deli sandwich

Taco burger

Chili dog with cheese and onions

Chili dog (canned chili con carne)

Chili dog

Beef fajita pita

Chicken fajita pita

Chicken pita pocket sandwich

Grilled chicken breast sandwich

Chicken Caesar rollup sandwich

Garden vegetable wrap

Roast beef & cheese rollup sandwich

Hot roast beef & cheese rollup sandwich

Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich

Mexican beef wrap

Mexican turkey wrap

Crunchy vegetable burrito

Vegetarian hearty burger

Cajun chicken sandwich

Baked turkey melt

Meatball hoagie using precooking meatballs

Double Decker beef & turkey sandwich

Guidelines for sandwich preparation

White sauce

Cheese sauce

Barbecue sauce

Cherry sauce (for meat)

Marinara sauce

Marinara sauce with clams

Creole sauce

Spanish sauce

Cajun Creole sauce

Mustard sauce

Taco sauce


Sweet and sour sauce

Pineapple sauce

Raisin sauce

Szechwan sauce

Seafood cocktail sauce

Pizza sauce

Pizza sauce (canned)

Tartar sauce

Teriyaki sauce

Tomato sauce

Brown gravy

Chicken or turkey gravy

Chili gravy

Giblet gravy

Mushroom gravy

Onion gravy

Quick onion gravy

Vegetable gravy

Onion and mushroom gravy

Cream gravy

Cream onion gravy

Natural pan gravy (au jus)

Tomato gravy

Corn bread dressing

Bread dressing

Apple bread dressing

Sausage bread dressing

Oyster bread dressing

Chinese mustard sauce

Horseradish sauce

Yogurt-cucumber sauce

Herbed mayonnaise

Oriental sweet and sour sauce

Dill sauce

Horseradish Dijon sauce

Honey mustard sauce

Tropical fruit salsa

Pineapple salsa

Tropical fruit salsa (canned)

Shrimp sauce

Dressing, traditional mix

Dressing, cornbread mix

Guidelines for preparing sauces and gravies

Beef rice soup

Beef barley soup

Beef noodle soup

Chicken rice soup

Chicken noodle soup

Creole soup

Onion soup

French onion soup

Tomato bouillon

Tomato soup

Tomato rice soup

Vegetable soup

Minestrone soup

Navy bean soup

Bean soup with smoked, cured ham hocks

Knickerbockers soup (bean, tomato and bacon)

Old fashioned bean soup

Beef with vegetables and barley soup (canned)

Bean with bacon soup (canned)

Beef noodle soup (canned)

Chicken noodle soup (canned)

Chicken with rice soup (canned)

Manhattan clam chowder (canned)

Minestrone soup (canned)

Split pea soup with ham (canned)

Tomato soup (canned)

Vegetable soup (canned)

Vegetable with beef soup (canned)

Chicken gumbo soup

Shrimp gumbo

Corn chowder

Chicken corn chowder

Manhattan clam chowder

New England fish chowder

New England clam chowder

Cream of mushroom soup

Cream of broccoli soup

Cream of potato soup (dehydrated sliced potatoes)

Cream of potato soup (fresh white potatoes)

Cream of potato soup (instant potatoes)

Spanish soup (dehydrated onion soup)

Onion soup (dehydrated mix)

Mexican onion corn soup (dehydrated mix)

Tomato vegetable soup (dehydrated)

Beef noodle soup with vegetables (dehydrated)

Chicken noodle soup (dehydrated)

Chicken noodle soup with vegetables (dehydrated)

Pepper pot soup

Chicken vegetable (mulligatawny) soup

Zesty bean soup

Zesty bean soup (dry beans)

Chicken mushroom soup (canned)

Doubly good chicken soup (canned)

Logging soup (canned)

Tomato noodle soup (canned)

Vegetable beef supreme soup (canned)

Split pea soup with ham

Puree Mongol

Cream of broccoli soup (canned)

Cream of chicken soup (canned)

Cream of mushroom soup (canned)

Texas tortilla soup

Tortellini soup

Lentil vegetable soup

Curried vegetable soup

Turkey vegetable soup

Asian stir fry soup

Carrot soup

Velvet corn soup

Nutty split pea soup

Egg drop soup

Midwestern tomato rice soup

Guidelines for canned, condensed soups

Broccoli combo

Bean combo

Cauliflower combo

Brussels sprouts combo

Green bean combo

Corn combo

Baked beans (canned)

Baked beans (kidney beans, canned)

Baked beans (pinto beans, canned)

Boston baked beans

Savory baked beans

Italian-style baked beans

Italian-style baked beans (canned beans)

Simmered dry beans with bacon

Savory style beans

Simmered dry beans

Spanish style beans

Lyonnaise green or wax beans

Green beans Creole

Green beans with mushrooms

Green beans nicoise

Green beans southern style

Harvard beets

Beets in orange-lemon sauce

Hot spiced beets

Broccoli polonaise

Brussels sprouts polonaise

Cauliflower polonaise

Sprouts superba

Fried cabbage

Calico cabbage

Fried cabbage with bacon

Scalloped sweet potatoes and apples

Orange carrots amandine

Oriental stir-fry cabbage

Carrot and celery amandine

Lyonnaise carrots

Glazed carrots

Cauliflower au gratin

German potato griddle cakes (dehy)

French fried cauliflower

French fried okra

Corn fritters

Corn fritters (pancake mix)


Scalloped cream style corn

Scalloped whole kernel corn

Broccoli parmesan

Brussels sprouts parmesan

Cauliflower parmesan

Vegetable stir fry

Herbed green beans

Calico corn

Corn o'brien

Mexican corn

Eggplant parmesan

Southern style greens (fresh collards)

Southern style greens (frozen)

Sweet sour greens

Southern style greens (fresh kale)

Sautéed mushrooms

Sautéed mushrooms and onions

Okra and tomato gumbo

Southern fried okra

Parsley buttered potatoes

Paprika buttered potatoes

Parsley buttered potatoes (canned)

Paprika buttered potatoes (canned)

Spanish onions

French fried onion rings

French fried onion rings (frozen)

Tempura fried onion rings

Fried onions

Smothered onions (dehydrated onions)

Refried beans with cheese

Refried beans (canned beans)

Refried beans with cheese (canned beans)

Green beans with corn (frozen beans)

Green beans with corn (canned beans)

Turnips and bacon

Peas with mushrooms (frozen)

Peas with carrots (frozen)

Peas with celery (frozen)

Peas and onions

Peas with mushrooms (canned peas)

Green beans parisienne (canned)

Green beans parisienne (frozen beans)

Red cabbage with sweet and sour sauce

Baked potatoes

Quick baked potato halves

French fried potatoes

French fried potatoes (frozen)

French fried potatoes (frozen, oven method)

French fried shoestring potatoes (frozen)

French fried shoestring potatoes (frozen, oven)

French fried potatoes (dehydrated mix)

Baked potato rounds (precooked)

Hashed brown potatoes

Cottage fried potatoes

Hashed brown potatoes (frozen, shredded, 3 oz)

Lyonnaise potatoes

Hashed brown potatoes (frozen, shredded, 2.5 oz)

Home fried potatoes

Mashed potatoes

Grilled potato patties

O'brien potatoes

Oven browned potatoes

Franconia potatoes

Oven-glo potatoes

Oven-glo potatoes (canned)

Oven browned potatoes (canned)

Potatoes au gratin

Potatoes au gratin (dehydrated, slices)

Rissole potatoes

Scalloped potatoes

Scalloped potatoes and onions

Hashed brown potatoes (dehydrated, sliced)

Lyonnaise potatoes (dehydrated)

O'brien potatoes (dehydrated, sliced)

Hashed brown potatoes (dehydrated, shredded)

Hashed brown potatoes (dehydrated, diced)

Scalloped potatoes and onions (dehydrated, sliced)

Scalloped potatoes (dehydrated, sliced)

Scalloped potatoes (dehydrated, diced)

Golden potato balls (instant)

Mashed potatoes (instant)

Grilled potato cakes

Stewed tomatoes

Stewed tomatoes with croutons

German sauerkraut

Club spinach

Baked hubbard squash

Creole summer squash

Tangy spinach

Louisiana style smothered squash

Savory summer squash

Herbed broccoli

Baked sweet potatoes

Candied sweet potatoes

Glazed sweet potatoes

Glazed sweet potatoes (syrup)

Tempura vegetables

Mashed sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes southern style

Marshmallow sweet potatoes

Garlic roasted potato wedges

Rosemary roasted potato wedges

Sesame glazed green beans

Japanese vegetable stir fry

Squash and carrot medley (fresh)

Squash and carrot medley (frozen)

Deviled oven fries

South of the border broccoli

South of the border medley

Baked potato pancakes (frozen shredded potato)

Baked potato pancakes

Potatoes and herbs

Hacienda potatoes

Hacienda corn and black beans

Hacienda green beans

Honey Dijon vegetables

Corn and green bean casserole

Garlic-lemon roasted potato wedges

Asparagus (frozen)

Asparagus (canned)

Asparagus (fresh)

Beans, green (frozen)

Beans, green (canned)

Beans, wax (canned)

Beans, French style cut (frozen)

Beans, wax (frozen)

Beans, lima (frozen)

Beans, lima (canned)

Beans, white in tomato sauce (canned)

Beets (canned)

Broccoli (frozen)

Broccoli (fresh)

Broccoli (fresh)

Brussels sprouts (frozen)

Cabbage (fresh)

Carrot slices (frozen)

Carrot slices (canned)

Carrots (1/4 inch slices) fresh)

Carrot strips (fresh)

Cauliflower (frozen)

Cauliflower (fresh)

Corn, whole kernel (frozen)

Corn, whole kernel (canned)

Corn on the cob (frozen)

Corn on the cob (fresh)

Cream style corn (canned)

Greens, collard (frozen)

Greens, collard (fresh)

Greens, kale (fresh)

Okra (frozen)

Okra (canned)

Onions (canned)

Onions (fresh)

Peas (frozen)

Peas (canned)

Black-eyed peas (canned)

Potatoes, sweet (canned)

Potatoes, sweet (fresh)

Potatoes, white (canned)

Potatoes, white (fresh)

Sauerkraut (canned)

Spinach (frozen)

Spinach (canned)

Spinach (fresh)

Squash, summer (frozen)

Squash, summer (fresh)

Squash, fall and winter (fresh)

Succotash (frozen)

Tomatoes (canned)

Mixed vegetables (frozen)

Peas and carrots (frozen)

Rutabagas (fresh)

Turnips (fresh)

Garlic cheese potatoes

Garlic cheese potatoes (instant)

Italian roasted potatoes

Okra mélange

Roasted pepper potatoes

Roasted pepper potatoes (instant)

Okra, frozen, breaded

Cajun oven fries

Cauliflower with cheese sauce

Mushrooms, frozen, breaded

Potatoes au gratin using prepared sauce

Vegetable stir fry using frozen vegetables

Guidelines for heating canned vegetables

Guidelines for simmering fresh vegetables

Guidelines for cooking frozen vegetables

Guidelines for potato bar

Guidelines for heating dehydrated, compressed vegetables

Guidelines for steam cooking vegetables

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