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Armed Services Food Recipes - Cook Book

      These approved military recipe set Air Force cook book Airforce cooking recipes Army mess hall kitchen recommendations This library is the best and covers all armed forces....

Armed Services Food Recipes Item 104D
  PDF Manual Set
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Military Cook Book Recipes   Page 8 of 10
This Collection Includes All Of The Following Pages of Manuals

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 Armed Services Food Recipes - Cook Book  Page 8 of 10

Creole chicken (cooked diced)

Fried chicken (8 pc)

Southern fried chicken (8 pc)

Fried chicken (preckd brded, fzn for deep fat fry)

Oven baked chicken (8 pc)

Fried chicken (precked, bread chix, frz for oven)

Pineapple chicken (8 pc)

Savory baked chicken (8 pc)

Savory baked chicken (thighs)

Szechwan chicken (8 pc)

Szechwan chicken (breast boneless)

Chicken chow mein (cooked diced)

Chicken chow mein (canned chicken)

Roast turkey

Roast turkey (boneless turkey)

Roast turkey with barbecue sauce

Turkey nuggets

Roast duck

Hawaiian baked duck

Roast duck with apple jelly glaze

Honey glazed duck


Pizza (thick crust)

Mushroom, green pepper and onion pizza

Hamburger pizza

Pepperoni, green pepper, and mushroom pizza

Pepperoni pizza

Pizza (roll mix)

Pork or Italian sausage pizza

French bread pizza

Sausage, green pepper, and onion pizza

Pizza (pourable pizza crust)

Pizza (12 inch frozen crust)

Chuck wagon stew (beans with beef)

Baked scallops

Baked whole trout

Baked trout fillets

Chili (without beans)

Cheese pita pizza

Mushroom, onion, and green pepper pita pizza

Beef stew (canned beef chunks)

Cheese tortellini marinara

Spinach tortellini marinara (frozen)

Cheese tortellini marinara (dehydrated)

Rice frittata

Potato frittata

Vegetable stuffed peppers

Bombay chicken (8 pc)

Bombay chicken (breast boneless)

Tropical chicken salad (cooked diced)

Tropical chicken salad (canned chicken)

Honey ginger chicken (breast boneless)

Turkey sausage patties

Chicken in orange sauce (breast boneless)

Fiesta chicken (fajita strips)

Buffalo chicken (8 pc)

Grilled turkey patties (ground turkey)

Caribbean catfish

Caribbean flounder

Baked yogurt chicken (breast boneless)

Hot and spicy chicken (8pc)

Turkey fingers

Italian broccoli pasta

Cranberry glazed chicken (breast boneless)

Chicken and Italian vegetable pasta (fajita strips)

Honey lemon chicken breast (breast boneless)

Cajun roast beef

Cajun roast tenderloin of beef

Tropical baked pork chops

Teriyaki beef strips

Teriyaki beef strips (fajita strips)

Southwestern sweet potatoes, black beans, and corn

Southwestern sweet potatoes, black bean, corn (cnd)

Dijon baked pork chops

Greek lemon turkey pasta

Grilled turkey sausage links

Tamale pie (turkey)

Oriental tuna patties

Vegetable curry with rice

Turkey peach pasta salad (entree)

Italian rice and beef

Bayou chicken (breast boneless)

Southwestern shrimp linguine

Pasta toscano

Seafood stew

Sante fe glazed chicken (breast boneless)

White bean chicken chili (cooked diced)

Chicken briyani (cooked diced)

Cheddar chicken and broccoli (cooked diced)

Asian barbecue turkey

Lemon n'herb turkey fillets

Turkey divan

Spicy Italian pork chops

Lime chicken soft tacos (fajita strips)

Sausage, beans and greens

Orange & rosemary honey glazed pork chops

Russian turkey stew

Pasta primavera

Fish Florentine

Jamaican rum chicken (breast boneless)

Baked fish Scandia

Thai beef salad

Vegetarian burrito

Vegetable lasagna

Tuna plate trio

Grilled turkey sausage patty (pre-made)

Oven fried turkey bacon

Mambo pork roast

White fish with mushrooms

Turkey Polynesian

Angel hair pasta, Filipino style with shrimp

Oven roasted turkey, precooked

Lasagna (frozen)

Mexican turkey pasta

Basil baked fish portions

Tuna noodle casserole, frozen

Turkey tetrazzini, frozen

Shepherd's pie

Beef stir fry

Indonesian style beef over noodles

Hot & spicy chicken wings

Mambo pork roast using precooked pork

Kielbasa with sauerkraut and apples

Tarragon chicken & rice (fajita strips)

Cajun roast beef (precooked roast beef)

Baked tandouri chicken (breast boneless)

Baked ham and spaghetti pie

Cantonese bbq pork ribs, precooked

Herb turkey roast w/tomato gravy precooked turkey

Beef and bean burritos, frozen

Corned beef and cabbage (precooked corned beef)

Savory baked chicken (breast boneless)

Spaghetti & meat sauce (precooked ground beef)

Spaghetti & meatballs (precooked meatballs)

Baked flounder fillets with lemon pepper

Hunter style turkey stew

Beef stroganoff, frozen

Honey glazed chicken (breast boneless)

Rosemary turkey roast

Swedish meatballs (precooked meatballs)

Mexican pepper steak

St Louis style bbq pork ribs, precooked

Meatloaf (precooked)

Cajun meatloaf (precooked)

Pork tenderloin, precooked

Chicken cordon bleu

Blackened fish

Manicotti, frozen

Salisbury steak in gravy, frozen

Cabbage rolls, stuffed, frozen

Jerked roast turkey

Lemon pepper catfish

Guidelines for using oysters

Guidelines for using shrimp

Guidelines for using poultry

Guidelines for steaming shellfish

Apple, celery, and pineapple salad

Cabbage, apple, and celery salad

Cabbage, apple, and raisin salad

Spinach salad

Spinach and apple salad

Spinach and mushroom salad

Red wine vinaigrette dressing

Frijole salad

Carrot salad

Carrot and pineapple salad

Carrot, celery, and apple salad

Pimiento cheese stuffed celery

Cottage cheese stuffed celery

Peanut butter stuffed celery

Cream cheese stuffed celery

Chef's salad

Chef's salad (entree)

Cole slaw

Mexican Cole slaw

Cole slaw with creamy dressing

Cole slaw with vinegar dressing

Cabbage and carrot slaw with creamy dressing

Pineapple Cole slaw

Pineapple marshmallow Cole slaw

Vegetable slaw with creamy dressing

Honey mustard dressing

Low calorie yogurt dressing

Cottage cheese salad

Cottage cheese and peach salad

Cottage cheese and apricot salad

Cottage cheese and pear salad

Cottage cheese and pineapple salad

Cottage cheese and tomato salad

Cucumber and onion salad

Low calorie thousand island dressing

Fruit salad

Garden cottage cheese salad

Garden vegetable salad

Marinated carrots

Low calorie tangy tarragon dressing

Low calorie basil dressing

Tangy yogurt salad dressing

Jellied cranberry and orange salad

Jellied cranberry and orange salad (canned)

Jellied cranberry and pineapple salad

Jellied fruit salad

Jellied orange salad

Jellied pear salad

Jellied pineapple, pear, and banana salad

Jellied strawberry salad

Jellied banana salad

Jellied fruit cocktail salad

German Cole slaw

Taco salad

Italian style pasta salad

Cobb salad

Kidney bean salad

Fruit medley salad

Lettuce and tomato salad

Macaroni salad

Mixed fruit salad

Perfection salad

Golden glow salad

Jellied spring salad

Pickled beet and onion salad

Pasta salad

Corn relish

Potato salad

Deviled potato salad

Potato salad with vinegar dressing

Potato salad (dehydrated sliced potatoes)

Hot potato salad

Hot potato salad (dehydrated sliced potatoes)

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Armed Services Food Recipes Cook Book
      These approved military recipe Air Force cook book Airforce cooking recipes Army mess hall kitchen recommendations This library is the best and covers all armed forces....
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