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US Navy Diving and Salvage Manuals 

     The military diving manuals salvage diver underwater physiology diving medicine decompression chambers port construction rescue equipment survival systems submarine rescue chambers ....

Diving and Salvage Operations Item USN-702B
  PDF Manual Set
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All the following Military Diving and Salvage Manuals are included.

TM38-250      Preparing hazardous materials for Military Air shipments 

Fm20-11      diving medicine and decompression chambers

EOD      E.O.D.. explosives ordnance disposal

fm480     port Construction divers

fm55-502     rescue equipment and survival systems and survival systems used on watercraft

fm20-32     mine / countermine Operations

fm8-43     Combat health support for Army Special Operations Forces

fm55-50     Army water transport Operations

fm5-100     Engineer Operations

fm20-3     camouflage concealment and decoys

Ar611-75     management of Army divers personnel selection qualification classification

Fm5-490     Engineer diving Operations employment of Engineer divers Engineer diving organizations Engineer diving missions

Fm20-11     Military diving management of Army diving Army regulations ars 611-201and 611-75 Engineer diving duties

c1fm20-11     Military diving change diver communications through water communication systems hand line - pull signals buddy diver responsibilities buddy breathing procedure

Navedtra  43245-c    personnel qualification standard for Navy diver introduction to fundamentals underwater physiology first aid life support mixed gas Air

Navedtra 43460-4b     personnel qualification standard for safety programs afloat heat stress program hazardous material control collateral duty safety officer

Navsea 4730/3  diver hull inspection data dry-docking underwater photographs underwater color video waterborne full hull cleaning anticorrosion repair

Navsea 4730/4     sonar dome rubber window inspection data

Navsea 00c3-pi-001      naval sea systems command navsea-00c3-pi-001 recompression chamber interior painting & sampling paint removal surface preparation repainting Air interior steel recompression chambers

Navsea 00c4-pi-002     naval sea systems command navsea-00c4-pi-002 cleaning diving system Air components noc

Navsea 00c4-pi-004     naval sea systems command navsea-00c4-pi-004 compressor capacity test

Navseainst 3150.1     Navy diving program diving requirements naval sea systems command Navy diving conventional diving shipyards commercial diving - experimental saturation diving

Navseainst 3150.3     civilian diving program gas laws diving diseases submarine jobs emergency procedures underwater welding dive charts dive physics formulas Air sampling system

Navseainst 3150.27a     Navy diving program 3 scope manned hyperbaric diver tool systems medical hyperbaric deep diving saturation submarine rescue chambers self-contained underwater breathing apparatus

Navseainst 3151.1     diving and manned hyperbaric system safety certification procedure independent Technical review survey test approval material procedural adequacy diving equipment

Navseainst 3963     recommendation for replacement of wescodyne as a sanitizing agent for USN diving equipment sanitize plus advance bi-arrest 2 confidence plus

Navseainst 4740.8a     salvage recovery and open sea spill response program 3 scope salvage emergency towing search recovery open sea oil hazardous substance spill response ocean Engineering legislative basis

Navseainst 5400.57b     Engineering agent assignment and Technical authority hull mechanical - electrical battle force warfare system Engineering support ships systems subsystems equipment naval sea systems command

Opnavinst 5100.19d     occupational safety & health navosh program Manual for Forces afloat workplace inspections industrial hygiene shipboard safety hazardous material medical

Secnavinst 12000.20b     civilian diving in the Navy rules diving schools wage grade divers hourly civil service specialist divers graded supervisory diver scuba diver trainee diver tender

So600-aa-pro-040     underwater ship husbandry Manual chapter 4 auxiliary propulsion units apu system description motor assembly repair replacement electrical mechanical problem cofferdam

Ss521-ab-hbk-010     continuation of cert hb for USN diving systemSs521-ag-pto-010     USN diving Manual revision 4 diving principles policies Air diving mixed gas surface supplied diving closed circuit semi-closed circuit diving medicine recompression chamber

Tm5-4310-389-14     Technical manual operator unit and intermediate maintenance Manual20 cfm compressor diving Air model k-20

Tm5-4220-209-12&p     Technical manual operator's and organizational maintenance Manual parts list diving equipment set scuba type b compressor

Tm5-4220-211-12&p     Technical manual operator's and organizational maintenance Manual repair parts diving equipment set scuba diving support type a

Tm5-4220-225-14     Technical manual operator unit direct support and general support maintenance Manualmk12 surface supported diving system ssds

Tm5-4220-226-14&p    Technical manual operator crew organizational support maintenance Manual repair parts Special tools list super light 17b diving helmet

Tm5-4310-379-14     Technical manual operator's unit direct support maintenance Manual compressor diving Air diesel engine driven 885 scfm 200 psi model hii-271-5120

Tm5-4310-379-24p     Technical manual unit maintenance repair parts Special tools list compressor diving Air diesel engine driven 885 scfm 200 psi model hii-271-5120

Tm5-4310-389-24p     Technical manual unit maintenance repair parts Special tools list Air compressor diving 20 cfm model k-20 5000 psi

Uscg     Us Coast Guard safety and environmental health vessel checklist asbestos blood-borne pathogens electrical Engineering fire galley gas free hearing protection pyrotechnics potable water power tools radiation

Tech notes 1     topside tech notes relief valves naval sea systems command necessary requirements located in diving system select proper size materially compatible system gas cleaned proper requirements tested tagged

Tech notes 2     topside tech notes compressors naval sea systems command high pressure hp medium pressure mp Air compressor compressed Air system reciprocating piston type compressors oil-lubricated oil-free models

Tech notes 3     topside tech notes flexible hoses and umbilicals for dlss naval sea systems command pressure categories piping systems low medium high pressure terms diver life support systems rated

Tech notes 4     topside tech notes flasks naval sea systems command drop test requirements marking identification dot composite flasks inspection recertification test procedure internal surface preservation external

Tech notes 5     topside tech notes moisture separators naval sea systems command types installation material capacity compressor separators drain valves maintenance repairs inspections testing cleaning tagging

Tech notes 6     topside tech notes diver life support systems cleaning naval sea systems command dlss cleanliness requirements oxygen Air helium heox nitrox systems maintaining equipment interior basic piping

Salvage     Us Navy salvage Engineer's Handbook volume 1 salvage Engineering chapter 1 - naval architecture for the salvage Engineer hull form location points ship size

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Navy Diving and Salvage Manuals
     The military diving manuals salvage diver underwater physiology diving medicine decompression chambers port construction rescue equipment survival systems operations submarine rescue chambers ....
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