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Us Army Corps of Engineers Manuals / Army Engineering Regulations 

      Us Army Engineering regulations Progress, Schedules, & Network Analysis Systems, Radiological Safety, Physical Security Inspector, Contractor Performance Evaluations, Response Planning Guide, Fire Protection Engineering Policy, Laboratory Investigations and Testing, Ordnance & Explosives Response, Design of Military Airfield Pavements ....

Army Corps of Engineers ACE-1002
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This Collection Includes All Of The Following Pages of Manuals

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This Collection Includes All Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Us Army Engineering Regulations

ER 1-1-11      Progress, Schedules, and Network Analysis Systems

ER 1-2-2      Water Resources Policies and Authorities Substantive Congressional Contacts (RCS: CECW-P-21)

ER 5-1-3      Commercial Activities Program

ER 5-1-9      Assignment and Transfer of Project Responsibilities

ER 5-1-10      Corps-wide Area of Work Responsibility

ER 5-1-11      Program and Project Management

ER 10-1-2      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Division and District Offices

ER 10-1-5      Mississippi River Commission

ER 10-1-7      Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors

ER 10-1-16      U.S. Army Coastal Engineering Research Board

ER 10-1-23       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Resources Support Center

ER 10-1-25      U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

ER 10-1-26      U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories

ER 10-1-40      Directory Charts, Position Charts and Statements of Functions

ER 10-1-45      U.S. Army Engineer Topographic Center (TEC)

ER 11-1-30      USACE Internal Management Control Program

ER 11-1-320      Civil Works Emergency Management Programs

ER 11-2-201      Civil Works Activities - Funding, Work Allowances, and Reprogramming  (RCS: CECW-B-11

ER 11-2-220      Civil Works Activities General Investigation (RCS: DAEN-CWB-12)

ER 11-2-240      Civil Works Activities - Construction & Design (RCS: DAEN-CWB-20 ), ENG Form 2200, ENG Form 2201A, ENG Form 2204-R, ENG Form 2205A

ER 11-2-290       Civil Works Activities, General Expenses (RCS: DAEN-CWB-20)

ER 15-1-10       Career Planning Board

ER 15-1-16       USACE Human Resources Development Steering Committee

ER 15-1-21      Cost Contract Management Evaluation Team

ER 15-1-25      USACE Facilities Standardization Committee

ER 15-1-26       Corps of Engineers SES Incentive Awards Committe

ER 15-1-29       Construction Contractor Performance Review Team Functions

ER 15-1-36       Committee on Cost Engineering

ER 15-1-38      Corps of Engineers Real Estate Automation Oversight Committee

ER 15-1-41      Corps of Engineers Specifications Steering Committee (CSSC)

ER 15-2-2      Boards, Commissions, and Committees - Foreign-Trade Zones -- Establishment,  Operation Maintenance and Administration

ER 25-1-30       Compact DISC-Read Only Memory ()

ER 25-1-74       Electronic Mail

ER 25-1-101       USACE Electronic Phone Book

ER 27-1-1       Claims, Litigation, and Procurement Fraud

ER 190-1-13      Procedures for Issuing Physical Security Inspector Credentials

ER 385-1-31      The Control of Hazardous Energy, ENG Form 1924, ENG Form 1925, ENG Form 1927 -R, ENG Form 1928

ER 385-1-80      Radiological Safety

ER 415-1-10      Contractor Submittal Procedures CH 1

ER 415-1-11      Bid ability, Constructability, Operability, and Environmental Review

ER 415-1-13      Design and Construction Evaluation (DCS)

ER 415-1-14      Corps of Engineers Automated Management and Progress Reporting Systems (AMPR S)

ER 415-1-15      Construction Time Extensions for Weather

ER 415-1-16      Fiscal Management

ER 415-1-17      Contractor Performance Evaluations

ER 415-2-1      Policies and Practices - Clearing

ER 415-2-100      Staffing for Civil Works Projects

ER 415-4-41      Work Authorization and Funds for Air Force and Air Force Military Construction 

ER 500-1-28      Response Planning Guide (Emergency Employment)

ER 672-1-18       Incentive Awards

ER 690-1-401      Certification of Engineering Technicians CH 1

ER 1105-2-100       Planning Guidance Notebook

ER 1110-1-12      Quality Management

ER 1110-1-260      Fire Protection Engineering Policy

ER 1110-1-263       Chemical Data Quality Management for Hazardous, Toxic, Radioactive Waste  Remedial Activities

ER 1110-1-1001       Standard Survey Disc

ER 1110-1-1401      Interlaboratory Testing Program for Chemical Analyses

ER 1110-1-1901      Project Geotechnical and Concrete Materials Completion Report for Major USACE Projects

ER 1110-1-2002      Cement, Slag, and Pozzolan Acceptance Testing

ER 1110-1-2005      Compilation of Concrete Aggregate and Stone Riprap Test Data

ER 1110-1-8100      Laboratory Investigations and Testing

ER 1110-1-8152      Professional Registration

ER 1110-1-8153      Ordnance and Explosives Response

ER 1110-1-8155      Specifications

ER 1110-2-1457      Hydraulic Design of Small Boat Navigation

ER 1110-2-1463      Hydrologic Engineering for Hydropower

ER 1110-2-1806      Earthquake Design & Evaluation of Civil Works Projects

ER 1110-2-1925      Field Control Data for Earth and Rock fill Dams (RCS: ENG CW-E-11 (R1) CH 1-2

ER 1110-2-1942      Inspection, Monitoring and Maintenance of Relief Wells

ER 1110-2-4401      Clearances for Power & Communication Lines over Reservoirs

ER 1110-2-4402      Station Service Power

ER 1110-2-8152      Planning and Design of Temporary Coffer Dams and Braced Excavation

ER 1110-2-8153      Technical Project Sedimentation Investigations

ER 1110-2-8154      Water Quality and Environmental Management for Corps Civil Works Projects (RCS: DAEN-CWH-4)

ER 1110-2-8156      Preparation of Water Control Manuals

ER 1110-3-104      Family Housing Design

ER 1110-3-107      Design of Military Airfield Pavements

ER 1110-3-108      Evaluation of Military Airfield Pavements

ER 1110-3-1300      Military Programs Cost Engineering

ER 1110-3-1301      Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Cost Engineering

ER 1110-345-53      Structural Steel Connections

ER 1110-345-100      Design Policy for Military Construction

ER 1110-345-122      Interior Design

ER 1110-345-700       Design Analysis, Drawings, and Specifications

ER 1110-345-721      Architect-Engineer Selection and Design Procedures for Medical Facilities

ER 1110-345-723      Systems Commissioning Procedures

ER 1110-8-2(FR)      Inflow Design Floods for Dams and Reservoirs

ER 1125-2-308       Radio Frequency & Call Sign Assignments

ER 1130-2-406      Shoreline Management at Civil Works Projects

ER 1130-2-445      Civil Works Digital Projects Notebook

ER 1130-2-510       Hydroelectric Power Operations and Maintenance Policies

ER 1130-2-520      Navigation and Dredging Operations and Maintenance Policies

ER 1140-3-1      Support to Defense Departments and Agencies

ER 1165-2-21      Flood Damage Reduction Measures in Urban Areas

ER 1165-2-26      Implementation of Executive Order 11988 on Flood Plain Management

ER 1165-2-27       Establishment of Wetlands Areas in Connection with Dredging

ER 1165-2-28      Corps of Engineers Participation in Improvements for Environmental Quality

ER 1165-2-111      Corps of Engineers Activities under the Small Reclamation Projects Act of 1956, as Amended

ER 1165-2-124       Construction of Harbor and Inland Harbor Projects by Non-Federal Interests

ER 1165-2-130      Federal Participation in Shore Protection

ER 1165-2-131      Local Cooperation Agreements for New Start Construction Projects

ER 1165-2-132      Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Guidance for Civil Works Projects

ER 1165-2-501      Civil Works Ecosystem Restoration Policy

ER 1180-1-6      Construction Quality Management

ER 1180-1-8      Labor Relations

ER 1180-1-9      Design-Build Contracting

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Army Corps of Engineers Manuals - Army Engineering Regulations
      Us Army Engineering regulations Progress, Schedules, & Network Analysis Systems, Radiological Safety, Physical Security Inspector, Contractor Performance Evaluations, Response Planning Guide, Fire Protection Engineering Policy, Laboratory Investigations and Testing, Ordnance & Explosives Response, Design of Military Airfield Pavements ....
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